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What Is A Seed Article and How Do I Use It?

Open AI is limited to data from 2021 and older. Using a seed article is a great way to get AI-generated content that includes data newer than 2021. We can take in an existing article that has data new than 2021 and then generate a new content piece that includes data from the seed article

How do I use the Seed Article feature?

Step 1: Create a new piece of Content

Before we use the Seed Article feature we will need a new piece of content created.

To learn about creating a new piece of content check out our “How to create a new content piece?” article here.

Step 2: Start Writing Content With the Use Seed Article Option

Start by selecting the “Use Seed Article” option and clicking the start button.

Step 3: Find a good Article to use a Seed Content

You will want to make sure that this is a relevant article to your keyword that has been written after 2021.

Step 4: Copy and paste the Seed Content into the Existing Content field.

Paste as much of the Seed Content as you want to use in your new piece of content.

Click the Write Content button to start the process of writing your new content.

Step 5: Review the newly generated content

Read through the newly generated content and verify that it generated the correct data.

Be sure to proofread for any grammatical errors.

Step 6: Finish up Content

Add in any new content you would like

You are finished with your new Content from existing content.

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