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How To Create A New Content Piece?

In this guide, we will show you how to create a new piece of content. The process should be smooth and easy from start to finish. Let’s get started creating some content!

Step 1: Choose a keyword

Every piece of content requires a keyword to write about. This will be the main focus of what the content is about.

Step 2: Start the Process of Creating a Piece of Content

Click the “New Content” button in the Left Menu, on the Org. Content Page here or on the My Content Page here.

This will open up a form to fill out the information about the new piece of content

Step 3: Fill out the Form

Fill out the Basic Information section. All of the fields in the Basic Information section are required for the creation of Content.

Fill out the Content Details section. All of the fields in this section are optional.

Submit the form when all the required and wanted data has been entered into the form.

Step 4: Analyzing New Content

In this step, Noble will go out and pull data from your competitors to give you data to help write an awesome piece of content.

Next Steps after creating your new piece of content

Choose one of the three options below to write your new content

1. Have AI Generate the content for you

Noble can generate the whole content for you. You don’t have to write anything!

To learn more about how to have AI generate your content click here.

2. Start writing with a Seed Article.

Noble can take in an existing article and use it as a starting point for writing your content.

To learn more about how to start with an existing article click here.

3. Manually write new content

You can choose to NOT use any AI in the writing process. That is fine. You can write all the content yourself.

To learn more about how to manually write your article click here.

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