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How To View Content Surveys

There are a couple of different ways you can go about viewing surveys for content.

NOTE: ONLY admins of an Organization can view Surveys

Method 1: Using The Side Navigation bar

This method is best for viewing ALL surveys for ALL content pieces in an organization

Step 1: Click the Content Surveys in the sidebar

Click the Content Surveys link in the Sidebar to view ALL the content surveys for the whole organization

Step 2: View Surveys

All the surveys for each content piece in the organization will be listed in a table

Use any desired filters to help view surveys

Method 2: Using Content Editor Screen

This method is best for viewing surveys ONLY for a specific piece of content

Step 1: Navigate to the Content List Page

Click Org. Content or My Content in the left sidebar.

Step 2: Open the desired Content in Editor

Find the desired content piece

Open Content editor for the desired content piece

Step 3: Open Surveys Page For Content

Click the surveys icon in the top right corner of the editor page

Step 4: View All Surveys For Specific Content

All surveys for the specific piece of content will be shown in a table.

Use any desired filters as needed to help view surveys

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