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How To Use The Content Outline

In this help document we will go over all of the features of creating or editing a Content Outline. There are two ways to view a Content Outline. The first way to view an outline is with a drag-and-drop interface and the second is through a text area field. This will also go over a few AI options with the outline.

AI-Generated Outline

Have AI Generate the outline for you. Click here to learn about AI Generating the Outline.

Competitor’s Headers

On the left side of the Outline window, you will see “Competitor Topics”. This is a list of the headers used by competitor pages. You can use this list to compare what topics competitors are using to your outline topics.

Add Competitor Topic to your outline

To add a competitor’s topic to your outline, you just simply need to click on it. The topic will be added to the bottom of your outline as the list header type in the competitor header.

Drag and Drop View

Adding a New Header Element

Adding a new header element is done by clicking the “Add” button at the bottom of the Outline. Once you click the button a new element will be added to the outline.

Edit or Add Header Text

To Edit or add new header text just simply click on the text input where the header text is. This will allow you to start editing or typing in the header. The field border will change to blue once you select the field to edit.

Setting The Header Type

Setting the header type is done through the drop-down on the right side of the header element. Once you change the header you should see the size of the element change.

Drag and Drop

This view of the outline supports clicking on elements and dragging them around to re-order the headings. This is done by clicking on the six dots to the left of the element and moving the element.

Remove Header

To remove a header out of the outline just click the trash can icon on the far right side of the element.

AI Generate Facts / Details Section

Step 1 Choose header:

Click the magic wand on the header you would like to get facts for.

Step 2 Review Suggested Facts

Review the suggested facts and verify their accuracy.

Step 3 Choose Desired Facts

Select the facts that you would like to add to the outline

Step 4 Add Facts to The Outline:

Once you have enabled the facts you want click the “Add” button. The Facts will be added as a new “Details” section below the selected H3 header.

Text View

Header Format

All headers must start with text that identifies the type of header, then colon. The following types of headers are as follows:

  • H1:
  • H2:
  • H3:
  • H4:
  • H5:

Details Format

All details sections must start with “{{” and end with “}}”.

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