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What are surveys?

Surveys are a great way to give feedback after a piece of content is approved from a shared link. There are five areas to rate from one to five and one notes/feedback field.

The different areas to rate are as follows:

  • Overall Happiness
  • Brand Voice
  • Accuracy
  • Usefulness
  • Experience

How Surveys Are Created

NOTE: Surveys are ONLY created from the Shared link of Content.

Step 1: Send Shared Link

Generate a new shared link and send it to the desired reviewer

Here is a link to an article on sending a shared link

Step 3: Navigate To Shared Content

The reviewer will navigate to the shared link to start the review process.

Step 4: Start The Review Process

The reviewer will click the Approve button in the top right corner

Step 5: Review the Content

The reviewer will look through and review the content to make sure it is all good.’

Step 6: Fill Out The Survey

The reviewer will click the next button to open up the survey

The reviewer will give each area the rating they feel the content deserves

Lastly, the review will leave notes about the content or process of writing the content.

Submit the Survey. Now the Content is approved and has a Survey.

Viewing Surveys

Surveys can be viewed by admins of the organization. To learn how to view survey results, please use this how-to article.

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