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How To Invite A New User To Organization?

An organization can have as many users as allowed by the selected plan. Plan information can be seen at the bottom left corner of Noble. The number of current users and the total amount allowed for the plan will be labeled as Members. If more members are needed, this can be changed by manage billing or contacting sales. Learn how to manage billing here.

IMPORTANT: This can ONLY be done by the Admins of the organization.

Step 1: Navigate To The User Invite Form

Method 1: From The Top Navbar:

Click on the Invite link from the top right of the top navbar

Method 2: From The Organization Settings:

  1. Navigate to Org. Dashboard
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner, next to Create Group button
  3. Click the Permissions tab
  4. Click the Invite button in the Manage card on the right

Step 2: Fill Out The Invite Form

Enter the email address of the new user that will be creating an account

Enter the name of the new user that will be creating an account

Choose the appropriate Level for the new user. You can learn more about the different permissions here.

Set Expires In if needed. Most of the time the default value is perfectly fine.

Step 3: Submit Form

Click the submit button to send out the invite

Step 4: New User Invite Email

The new user should receive an email.
Note: If the email is NOT in the main email folder check the new user’s spam folder.

Step 5: Follow The Link In the Invite Email

Click the link in the email to create the new user’s account

Step 6: Fill Out The Form to Register a new Account

The new user will need to fill out all the required fields in the registered account form

Step 7: Submit The Form And Login

Click the submit button when finished filling out the form

The account will be all created and ready to log in!

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