SEO is the lifeblood behind any thriving website. It’s the best way to ensure you’re constantly getting a steady stream of organic traffic. But how can you know whether your SEO strategies are working effectively?

Your SEO score will tell you. Getting your SEO score can help you quickly understand where your website needs improvements. Then you can adjust your strategies and priorities accordingly to climb the SERPs and boost your SEO score.

How Do I Check My Website SEO Score For Free?

There are dozens of tools on the market that provide SEO scores. Some are standalone tools specifically for SEO scoring. Others are all-in-one SEO platforms that offer SEO audits and scoring along with other valuable SEO information.

Each tool is slightly different, and some of you may even notice different scores if you’re running audits on multiple platforms. But for a fast and free way to get your SEO score, try Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest runs a full SEO audit on your website in less than ten minutes. Part of the audit includes your SEO score.

The best part about Ubersuggest is that you can get your SEO score for free without having to sign up or create an account. This platform gives you access to three daily searches—100% free as a guest. You can even use it to check the SEO scores of your competitors.

The free audit only scans 150 pages on your site. But this is still a pretty good indication of your SEO score. You’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan to scan your entire site. These start at $29 per month, and you can try any Ubersuggest plan for free with a seven-day trial. 

In addition to SEO scoring, Ubersuggest also sends you alerts for any critical issues detected on your site. It helps you monitor your SEO health and gives you daily status updates on your performance.

What is a Website SEO Score?

SEO scores measure your website’s technical aspects and user-facing elements as they relate to search optimization. 

A high SEO score indicates that the site meets or exceeds quality standards for searchability and user experience. Lower scores are a sign of technical issues and problems with UX. 

Google’s ranking algorithm doesn’t actually use your SEO score to determine rankings. But the factors used in an SEO score are directly related to search engine visibility, as Google does take these elements into consideration when ranking sites in the SERPs.

How Does Website SEO Scoring Work?

SEO scoring is based on a 0-100 scale. When you enter your domain into an SEO checker, the tool crawls your site—similar to the way search engine bots would do the same. 

Using a unique formula, the checker will compare your crawled pages against criteria that impact SEO performance. This includes meta tags, site structure, speed, page quality, server response, internal links, titles, mobile responsiveness, and more. 

SEO scores are comprised of four main factors:

Each SEO checker will have slight variations in how they weigh these components to determine your SEO score. But generally speaking, they’re not weighted equally.